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Welcome to Travertine Mosaic Tile. Our site is dedicated to providing the finest Travertine mosaics on the web.

Travertine tile has been an indispensable part of home design and improvement since architecture has existed. Onyx-TravertineTravertine mosaics have a natural beauty and has been used in building, adorning all elements of construction for thousands of years. If we look over ancient buildings and ruins, we clearly see that many people in the past were fascinated by the durability and color range of  Travertine mosaic tile.

Being a durable stone, it can be both functional and aesthetically striking. The popularity of travertine seems to be getting more popular by the day. Since this natural stone is formed beneath the earth’s surface, Giallothe tiles made from it come with a distinct look and appearance. Apart from being one of the most popular materials known , it provides an exquisite look to the entire home interior.

Travertine Mosaics were used extensively throught out ancient Italy and Greece, and is also used as a major feature of many modern buildings such Getty Centre building in Los Angeles, California. Travertine mosaics are used as a floor and wall tile for both residential and commercial applications for both the interior and exterior.

Travertine limestone marble is  one of the most popular stones used in homes today and is the popular choice for just about any area in the home and it is also the most sought after floor and wall tile preferred by a large number of people for the renovating of their homes or for a commercial interior space.

Being one of the most popular materials used today for stone floors, exteriors, backsplashes, bathrooms and walls. It is easy to design bathrooms and kitchens using other Travertine products such as stone sinks that are available today.
It comes in a variety of colors and textures, it ranges from an ivory shade to beige to a deep reddish brown and can also be found in gold shades it will be easy to match or compliment any type of décor.

As times and tastes evolve the interest of people also have undergone a drastic change and the results are that they want their living as well as their working areas to be a sophisticated design that gives a complete rustic look in kitchens, bathrooms, living areas and exterior applications..

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